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Docs - Quick Start Guide

Please spend some time reviewing our docs pages. We believe it will help you to save time in the future.

So our theme based on bootstrap but it doesn't have bootstrap in itself. Because bootstrap is quite big. We have revised bootstrap and prepared (we think) a better way of using components. A lot of people connect bootstrap and use only menu + grid for example. Do you think it's efficient?

Our theme has moduled structure, so webdevelopers don't have to connect a couple of big files that contain dosens of unused things. But this brings some complexity. You have to connect scripts/styles. Usually we have a lot of page examples so, that's not a problem to see what scripts are connected. And we populate our docs with new pages regularly, docs pages contain information about scripts you need to connect as well.

Here you can see all available docs Docs Map

Here you can see Theme Settings docs. There is information about theme backgrounds, boxed/wide layout switching.

It's good to have a quick view of Theme Structure

Our theme consists from sections so it's good to see Sections docs

Most part of nowadays websites comes with responsive layout, so you should see responsive utility docs Grid, Responsive Helpers, see Utility Alignment, Utility Visibility

Here is information about Global Helpers

You can find all used images links and 3dParty components in Credits

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